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Central South University & Coventry University Student Exchange Postcard Design

A postcard design project for student exchange with Central South University, Changsha, China. 

The concept behind this postcard design is to expose and intrigue the audience with the lesser known facts and history of military aviation with the City of Coventry. I specifically explored into military aviation, as the inventor of the turbojet engine originated from Coventry, as well as Coventry having a rich history of aviation and automotive manufacture, production and engineering. Coventry didn't just produce automobiles, but the city was also forward with the new technology of aircraft and the turbojet engine. Resulting with Coventry recently being home to airworthy military aircraft from the Second World War and the Cold War. This is the reason why I integrated an illustration of the aircraft in my postcard; it is one of a few airworthy Gloster Meteors that was based at Coventry Airport (Baginton).