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The end of uni life

With the end and successful completion of my uni years of studying graphic design at Coventry, it has been a good run with lots of learning, the knowledge gained and friends with networking professionally and casually. The past four years have certainly improved and developed my design skills, thinking and thought process as well as myself as a person with better confidence, self-esteem and motivation prior to beginning my studies in design. This lead myself to push and become proactive with choices for my career and for my own life experiences such as deciding to live and study in Berlin for my third year at university. This was something that really pushed me as moving to a foreign capital city to reside in for the next nine months, by myself and not knowing anyone around the living residence and at the Berlin university. So it was just like starting university all over again but within an international environment.

Looking back at choosing what to do and study at university from my A-Level years, I personally have come a long way with personal and professional development and experience. When I was choosing and browsing what I should study at university, I was very broad but I wanted to do something creative as I knew that creativity was a strong point for myself to progress in my chosen career. I came from a background of studying and practising fine art and some illustration at GCSE and A-Level and did not have any studying or learning in visual communication at these stages. So to better understand visual communication, I chose to partake in a foundation diploma in art and design to give myself better comprehension and knowledge of visual communication and the design industry. Studying this foundation allowed me to specialise and gain further knowledge and learning in the different disciplines of visual communication, finally leading up to my decision of studying graphic design further at BA university level at Coventry University.

My online portfolio illustrates the extensiveness and varied range of projects that I conducted in. And with studying for four years, this allowed me to take interest in the specific areas of graphic design and visual communication to define myself as a graphic designer once finishing university and applying for jobs and professionally networking at relevant events. Towards the final years of university, I found my love and fondness for designing and producing editorial projects that included handcrafted bookbinding as the forefront. I found this fondness for bookbinding as I was introduced to it when I was studying in Berlin and what better way to have an introduction to bookbinding in Berlin? The editorial design process with typography and photography was a joy to learn and practise and the printing and book bind of the final product was satisfying for myself. So partaking in this project heavily influenced my further projects in my final year of crafting handbound books which in turn, received welcomed feedback with both peers and tutors. This energy also continued with my recent interviews (from the writing of this blog post) as the interviewers enjoyed and praised my USP of my crafted handbound books, alongside with my other design projects. The following extracted images from my portfolio illustrates my handcrafted fondness for bookbinding.

Then to summarise everything up, I’m glad about the choices I made with choosing Coventry University to study graphic design, I’m pleased that I decided to take a year out studying in Berlin and overall, studying these past four years have progressed my chosen career in graphic design and visual communication. The tutors and friends at both universities in Coventry and Berlin were a great help morally and constructively on my projects and design skills and style, and ultimately, defining myself as a designer in the design industry where everyone knows that it’s a very competitive place right now and in recent years.

Now to further expand my career progression into my first design job role!

And remember, I’m a keyboard shortcut away.