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China Exchange Trip Review & Reflection

So, after the long anticipated wait and planning for the exchange trip with Central South University (Changsha, China), the two weeks that I spent in China was a great experience. I got to experience the Chinese culture, food, countryside, cities, sightseeing, design processes and making friendships.

I had many flashbacks from my past time in Asia, Thailand to be specific, as it has been 8 years since I was in Asia. It was great to see similarities and differences between both countries, especially with city feel and smell, the traditional farming, and the food too.

We went and did so much sightseeing around the city and the countryside, each day told a detailed story. But one part of the trip I enjoy a lot was spending time with the students at the university. We spent free time together, they showed us around the city, and we worked and critiqued together. All of this resulted in friendships that I will keep in touch with, and hopefully revisit together soon.

What I learnt most of out this exchange trip is the experience of working on a global, international scale with exhibiting work through multiple countries within a small time. Being able to work on the project with limited time and resources, and then resulting in to a piece of design work that I am impressed with, it was a great experience. When another opportunity approaches like this, I will definitely look into it and consider doing it, as these experiences are almost like a once in a lifetime thing to do. When I return for my third year at Coventry University, I will certainly consider taking part of this exchange trip again.