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First time attending Nicer Tuesdays

So for It's Nice That monthly event, Nicer Tuesdays, I was able to see current designers and creatives' current projects and works, as well as seeing there thought processes and experiences. The event was a great, full of creatives and influence.

I was also able to catch up with junior art director of It's Nice That, and chat with him about recent and future plans to It's Nice That, as well as talking about my own work from university, my own future plans with the China student exchange, and with studying in Berlin for my next academic year. I met the junior art director at a previous event that was held by It's Nice That, but from their print publication, Printed Pages. Printed Pages had a free workshop with sculptor Wilfrid Wood, and so I took the opportunity to make friends and line up for potential work with It's Nice That.   

I will be looking forward to attending to future Nicer Tuesdays during this year, and well into the future after graduating.