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Medieval Coventry Design Team

This week, for my current team based brief, we were allotted a time slot to receive tutor feedback with where my team is standing at the moment, our ideas, concepts and visuals, and ultimately, working with the new team. The feedback that my team received was positive, as our tutor is pleased with the strong amount of research we have, as well as many concepts and ideas. However, our tutor directed us to focus more on the look and feel, as we've covered the main functioning and content part very well.     

Our team was randomised with other students to work on a live client brief, Medieval Coventry. My team quickly organised roles, and I turned out to be the creative director/project manager. This role does not usually come to me, however, in other circumstances, this leadership role automatically takes my place. Being the director/manager of my design team has given me new skills to develop, as I will be managing a design team of five (including myself) for the first time. 

So far, my team:

  • are working well together
  • conducting good, large amounts of research
  • are collaborating well with ideas and concepts

I am making sure to listen and talk at the appropriate times within my time. I am also managing and organising meetings, setting work for other members, and helping the development of ideas and concepts.

The brief requires my design team to visually design a website and app, to be proposed towards the client.