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Visual innovative communication.

Beautiful thoughtful layouts for print.

Creative digital 3D renders and moving image.

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Me in China (26/03/2017).

Me in China (26/03/2017).


Conor Mayling

I am a Coventry University graduate who has interests in brand & identity, editorial and 3D design. Although I can produce web design and motion graphics too. Outside of design, I have interests in hiking, travelling, culture, music and gaming.

My creative ardour began in my foundation studies at Leeds Arts University. Studying at foundation level open myself to different disciplines of graphic design and visual communication. Learning and evolving my creative process at Leeds has made myself become well aware of the visual communication world, showcasing recent and contemporary works by renowned designers, creatives, design studios and agencies. This knowledge gained has propelled me further when I began my university degree in graphic design at Coventry University.

Since starting my degree at Coventry University, I, myself have developed to handle many skills and attributes that is relevant for a designer. I have competent skills in team management, as I have managed many teams throughout my four years of university; time management, as working to deadlines on time and refraining from major last-minute tasks. As for design skills, I am completely capable of utilising of the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as going beyond with further software such as Cinema 4D.

Being a visual communicator, my creative approach to briefs and projects is to explore and execute experimental ideas and concepts, no matter what subject the brief/project consists of. This allows me to capably deliver an outcome that is well considered and heavily developed.

Graphic design and visual communication has always been an interest and inspiration on myself and has influenced me to study abroad during my later years at Coventry University in Berlin. This opened me up to the wider global range of graphic design, allowing myself to learn and develop for an international discipline.   

Essentially, it’s about engaging with the world through the power of visual communication.  



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