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Visual innovative communication.

Creative image-making.

Beautiful thoughtful websites.

Brand & identity, editorial, web design and moving image is what I am about.

Me in China (26/03/2017). 

Me in China (26/03/2017). 


Conor Mayling

I am a current final year Graphic Design student at Coventry University. After completing my Erasmus year abroad, I began to specialise into brand & identity, editorial, print design, as well as producing works in motion graphics and web design.

My creative and graphic design passion began in my foundation studies at Leeds College of Art, Yorkshire. Studying at foundation open myself up to different disciplines of visual communication and graphic design. Learning and evolving my creative process at Leeds made myself become aware of the visual communication world, showcasing recent and contemporary works by renowned designers, creatives, design studios and agencies. 

I enjoy producing and designing in print and digital for an array of different types of briefs and projects, including traditional print methods of screenprinting and lino etch printing, and digital works of moving image and website design. I have also rediscovered the joys of editorial design, particular with book-binding and layout design with typography and image combinations and relations. 

Being a visual communicator, my creative approach to briefs and projects is to explore and execute experimental ideas and outcomes, no matter what subject matter I am dealing with. I explore and seek different ideas and concepts for all briefs and projects, so I am capable of delivering an outcome that is well thought through and heavily developed.

Graphic design has always been an interest and passion for me, and now becoming a designer in this field, I am eager to retain learning, acquiring knowledge and exploring the world of visual communication and graphic design. Essentially, it's about engaging with the world through the power of visual communication.      





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